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Capt. Alexander Loya: MILITARY INJUSTICE

This is the story of an honest and God-fearing man who fell in love with the wrong woman and how the military failed him.

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 I am finally getting my story around the world. It's on the "Anything & Everything w/ Daurice Podcast." Just look for the episodes with the Military Injustice Logo.

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Connor Alexander Loya

Connor Alexander Loya

Connor Alexander Loya


Congratulations Connor Alexander Loya, Daddy is proud of you!!! 

May 17, 2018, my son Connor graduated from Destrehan High School. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn't be present. I was there in spirit.  

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Karaleigh Eva Loya

Connor Alexander Loya

Connor Alexander Loya


Congratulations Karaleigh Eva Loya, Daddy is proud of you!!!

May 16, 2019, my daughter Karaleigh graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude in Advanced Studies at Destrehan High School. She is also singing with the choir at the end.

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Never Give Up

Connor Alexander Loya

Military Men Falsely Accused


 Due to false allegations, I have not been allowed to have any contact with my children til they are 18. My ex told Judge Chaisson that if they wanted to contact me they could when they are 18. My son,  now an adult,  contacted me after graduation until his mom found out.  She pressured him into breaking off the contact. If she had nothing to fear why would it matter? It's only a matter of time the truth will prevail.  

Military Men Falsely Accused

History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya

Military Men Falsely Accused


This is so common that they even have a FB page.

  How many families need to be destroyed before the military does something about it? When will the military take a stand for our soldiers?


History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya

History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya

History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya


  "I am really greatly impressed by your scholarship and writing. What you have written, I believe, will add significantly to the body of American history."  Robert H. Thonhoff, author, historian, and former President of the Texas State Historical Association.  

How Many Must Suffer?

History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya

History of the Cajuns by Alexander Loya


 If there is no evidence to support a claim against another party, then the claim is referred to as 'baseless'. An accusation is not evidence of a crime. 





 "This is completely getting out of hand folks and I will state again, that the U.S. military is THE most dangerous and hostile work environment for males in this nation. Not only are the inherent dangers present in combat operations, but the mere utterance of the word rape will set forth in motion an eating machine in which the objective; by any means necessary is to convict, even if an admiral has to be threatened with his career." 





 There are innocent US Military Service members who have been falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. This is exactly why we need military justice reform and a conviction integrity unit within the military justice system. Imagine honorably serving to protect and defend the very freedoms afforded to this great nation, and unjustly having them taken from you.

My Family


My Family



I have been taken from my children and deliberately blocked from having contact with them. They have been told untruths but I know in the end God will allow the truth to be known. Miss you Connor, Karaleigh, & Carissa. 

Know that Dad loves you and has never abandoned you.


Alexander Loya 2018

Additional Information


I have a very interesting yet tragic story to tell. What has happened to me can happen to anyone and it has happened to many others just like myself. Now I have all the time in the world to work on this and not only to help myself but many others like me. I want to thank all of those who have and currently are working on my case and have done so much already. 

Romans 12:21

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story. I am sure you realize now how easy it is for anyone to accuse any soldier without having any proof. Please take the time to write the President of the United States and let him know someone needs to stand up for our military.


Contact the President

The White House 

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 

Washington, DC 20500  


 Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414 


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